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My Bike,My Bike,thats all i hear but something inside me wants
to say that i love you
~You trashed my bike il'l make you pay but hey i love you
i hope to go out with you someday

1:I remember when our eyes first met,You pulled me
and my buddy pikachu from a timely death
~I pulled you out ,You broke my Bike but hey your cute in
my eye so dont sweat
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2I may never pay your bike back because i'm afraid to lose you
~i Hope you never pay me my bike back because
it'l never compare to you
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3:You almost cried for me when i was dead
i will treasuear that momment now on
~I tore down pride so i almost cried when you died but now
im happy that your alive hopefully my dreams will come true
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4I know you practily stole togeipi but you'll take
care of it beter then me~
I know i stole it but somehow fell that your
its father and im its mother
so i guess we both own togeipi
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5You atract all pokemon and have a good heart
thats why i love you,plus your cute
~You have determination and a
caring hand, you will help another before
yourself well most of the time thats not all
i think your cute
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6I may have never said it but someday i'l show how i care for you
~i know the bikes a lie but havent you noticed that i love you.
well i guess i'l have to tell instead of showing it
why are you dense?
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how did you like my song??