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There she is.
Griping... her face was scratched.
Damn those kids. God damn them.
Hurting my Jess so...
Wait. Not mine. Someone else's Jessie.
What kinda moron leaves such a girl in another's hands?
Especially mine... when they know...
Know that in my hands, she'll be loved?
But not by who she wants.
The fan to my face.
"James, listen to me when I talk! Escúchame."
I listen.
Jessie's always serious...
When she talks in Spanish.
"Jess..." I can't speak for a moment.
Her face looks especially beautiful right now.
"Nani, James no baka?"
Now Japanese? I'm in trouble... PMS.
"Well, Jess, I need..."
You. Love. To go kill the twerp for upsetting you.
"...To got to the bathroom."
I curse myself, scream at my wimpy mouth,
Forming untrue words.
Well, actualy, now that I mention it...
"Then go, James."
Is that... disappointment?
Ah well, off to the bathroom.