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AnimorphFB Disclaimer: Don't own them but Shmessiebell

"Team rocket's Blasting off again!!!!"

It was the fourth time that day that Ash and co. heard that, but this story is about team rocket, and a little incident they get themselves into...

"Jessie, I'm hungry, tired, and by back aces from all that 'blasting off' we've done." James said...and as always, Jessie whacked him.

"James...look, a breeder's farm, we spent more money trying to catch that Pikachu then we could buy 500 Pikachu's, all we've got to do is buy the most powerful Pikachu that farmer can raise, and we'll just give it to the boss." Jessie had spotted a farm, and the group went, got a pikachu, and were talking to a farmer. He introduced his daughter, and she looked just like...Jessiebell!!!

"Meet Shmessiebell, the pertiest darn girl you'll ever meet" said the farmer/breeder. And then, Jessiebell appeared. All three gals decided that they would have a Pokemon match to decide who would get James. ames fainted because of all the excitement. Shmessiebell, who just hought James was kinda cute, didn't want to fight, but she did, anyway. It was Shmessiebell vs. Jessiebell. "I choose you, Vileplume!!!" Jessiebell knew she had a twin who was sent off, but she couldn't believe her twin was in such a low-class society. "Charmeleon, GO!" Shmessiebell won, by a well placed fire blast.

Jessie vs. Shmessiebell! "Lickitung, GO! Keep on licking her Pokemon!"

Shmessiebell sent out Charmeleon! (I know Lickitung doesn't learn poison gas, but just bare with me here, ok?) "Lickitung, never mind about that licking thing, POISON GAS!!!!!!!" Lickitung shot out as...

"Charmeleon, Flamethrower!!!!" The flame and the gas caused a big explosion, and KABOOM!! everyone on the farm died. THE END